Lynda Tache (Founder, President, Advocate, Parent) first saw signs of autism when her son, Grant, was 6 months old. She tried to find answers from her son’s pediatrician and other medical professionals, but was constantly told that “boys develop later and your son most likely will outgrow his issues.” Lynda felt so devastated, overwhelmed, confused and alone in her journey to find the right answers.  

The emotional and financial stress brought on many other challenges resulted in becoming a single parent. After 5 years of searching to find help for her son, Grant finally received a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD and Sensory Integration Disorder. Like most families, she then asked, “Now what?” Being a determined parent and caregiver, she first started working on laws for autism, but realized families, like her own, were still severely underserved and lost.

In 2009, she took her business and non-profit experience along with her passion to help others and created the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation. The foundation started with a team of volunteers and an income-based scholarship program for families and other non-profits. The foundation has grown to a team of 25 staff that provides direct services, case management and education training to hundreds of families and professional annually. Thanks to its supporters, friends and volunteers, GGAF has become the largest public non-profit provider in Nevada for autism, delivering hope and resources for all touched by autism and other related disorders.

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation currently serves children, youth and young adults ages 0-21 and their family members that are touched by autism. We bring Autism Spectrum Disorder training and awareness to educators, employers, other non-profits and the community at large.