Facing Great Demand, Nevada Struggles To Deliver Enough Autism Treatment – April 2, 2017

It wasn’t long ago when Lynda Tache thought she’d have to lock her son away in an institution.

Diagnosed with autism at age 6, Grant’s tantrums and meltdowns frightened her. He was almost 6 feet tall by age 11 and as a single mom, she had nobody to turn to to help restrain him in the middle of his fits.

But that all started to change when he enrolled in the Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP), a decade-old program that helps Nevada families pay for the kinds of one-on-one, sometimes 40-hour-a-week therapies that can manage the bad behavior and cultivate life and social skills in children with autism.

“Now it’s a totally different person. He has a great quality of life. He’s happy,” said Tache, one of several parents who came to the Legislature earlier this month to urge lawmakers to support the program. “ATAP saved our lives.”

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