Granting Hope Campaign

Be a part of the $5,000,000 solution for our 3,200 children

Imagine if your child started showing signs that they may not be”progressing” like all the books and friends and family say they should.
You would want peace of mind and would search to find the best person to diagnose and provide a treatment plan for your child. For families living in Southern Nevada, that place is the UNLV Medicine Ackerman Autism Center.

Then, imagine how you would feel when you called and found out there was a waiting list to be seen?
The unfortunate reality is there are more than 3,200 children waiting to receive services at the Ackerman Autism Center, the only comprehensive medical autism center in Clark County.
The Grant a Gift Autism Foundation’s ‘Granting Hope Campaign’ will raise $5 million to support the efforts of the Autism Center so that every child and their family who is looking for help can find it here.

But it will only happen with your help!

Through our partnership, we have served more than 3,600 individuals and their families affected by autism in 2017.  Of those families, 67% come from low-income households. UNLV School of Medicine’s role is to provide a multidisciplinary model of specialists, therapists and staff to assess, diagnose and to provide one-on-one and group treatment. Grant a Gift Autism Foundation’s role is to empower the client with community-based job training, entrepreneurial job training,  job placement, group treatment support, transition planning and navigating family support. Grant a Gift also acts as the community’s safety net, filling in funding gaps not covered by state and federal resources or insurance. Grant a Gift is the main fundraising arm for the Center.

For corporate donations please contact Terri Janison at or call us at 702-564-2453