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BUDS® (Building Up and Developing Social Skills) is designed for ages 6 – 12 with autism spectrum disorder that require additional age-appropriate support for social limitations. We offer clinical- and community-based programs to help your child become more independent and develop social communication, play, and life skills in a nurturing environment.

Beginning BUDS® is held in a clinical-based environment and designed for younger children on the spectrum, as well as those who need to further develop fundamental skills in social settings. A qualified interventionist helps your child understand and practice basic social skills with other peers in the group

BUDS® for Life is held in a community-based environment designed for children on the spectrum who have mastered certain behavioral and verbal skills to interact in real life situations. A qualified interventionist helps your child build long-term relationship skills with peers and people within the community.

This Program operates under UNLV Medicine Ackerman Autism Center

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“Carlos has really made progress in his school classroom setting in the 16 weeks that he has been part of the BUDS® program.  Never before had he initiated greetings with our neighbors without prompting, and now almost on a daily basis he goes out if his way to say “hi” to them!  He is also making progress in a classroom setting with the other children.  Before his interaction was pretty inappropriate and now is so much better.  Without the Grant a Gift BUDS® Social Skills program, we would still be 10 steps behind in so many ways.  Thank you so much for making this program possible for us!” ~ RW

“The BUDS® program has been a fantastic program for my son. He has learned to keep on topic in conversation, have better playing habits with others. BUDS® has allowed him to make friends on the first time and experience the joy of friendship.” ~ ER