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TeenBUDS® (Building Up and Developing Social Skills) is a program designed for ages 13–18 (up to 22 years old, if enrolled in high school) with autism spectrum disorder that require additional age-appropriate support for social limitations. We offer clinical- and community-based programs to help your teen become more independent and develop social communication, play, and life skills in a nurturing environment.

TeenBUDS® starts with a social skill curriculum at our Teen Center taught by a qualified interventionist. The second part of the session gives teens the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in a series of community outings. Your teen will develop their social skills and enjoy fun activities, such as miniature golf, bowling, archery, and laser tag.

This Program operates under UNLV Medicine Ackerman Autism Center

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“The TeenBUDS® social program has been a blessing for our family. The program has taught my son how to have better conversations and interactions with teens his age.  He is now making friends and learning how to be a typical teenager. The weekly program has given him something to look forward to in a fun and safe environment.  The weekly homework and parent meetings has allowed me to help him more at home to be more successful all the way around. I believe he is so much further ahead in his development because of this program.  Thank you to the wonderful staff that run TeenBUDS® and to Grant a Gift for giving the gift of hope to many of us.” ~ LT